Wednesday 4 February 2015

Last chance to have a say on the Welsh School plans in King Edward VII's Park

The Planning Application by the Welsh School to take over the Bowling Green Pavilion in King Edward VII Park, Wembley as a school and to build an additional classroom, lay a playground and remove 4 category B trees (a Monterey Cypress and 3 Irish Yew Trees) was deferred at the Planning Committee to allow for wider consultation and to consider alternative sites within the park for a land-swap. That consultation is now taking place. This  Guest Blog from Denise Cheong addresses some of the issues involved.

Dear Wembley Matters Readers

Re-consultation has begun for planning application no. 14/4208 for the London Welsh School in  King Eddie’s Park.

The London Welsh School has submitted 3 additional supporting documents.

The document titled “Additional Statement” uploaded on 26/1/2015 states in the introduction that:

”This additional statement was produced by the Welsh School in conjunction with Brent’s Property and Projects, and Sports and Parks Service.”

Point 2) refers to the Brent wards the park is located within and borders.

The additional statement incorrectly states that:

”This park is located in Preston ward but its boundaries border Wembley Central and Tokyngton Ward.”

A Brent borough ward map shows that King Eddie’s park is actually located in both Wembley Central and Preston Wards, bordering Tokyngton Ward.

Annotated London Borough of Brent Ward Boundary Map Showing Locations of Bowls Pavilion and Bowls Greens, Wembley Central, Preston and Tokynton Wards © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey 100025260

- The bowls pavilion and both bowls greens are located in Wembley Central Ward.

- Collin’s Lodge (the mock tutor house beside Park Lane), the derelict yard (assigned to Veolia as a depot) and the steep bank proposed for the land swap are within Preston Ward.

Wembley Central Ward Councillors are: Cllr Sam Stopp, Cllr Krupa Sheth, Cllr Wilhemina Mitchell-Murray

Preston Ward Councillors are: Cllr Matthew Bradley, Cllr Patricia Harrison, Cllr Jean Hossain

Tokyngton Ward Councillors are: Cllr Muhammed Butt, Cllr Orleen Hylton, Cllr Ketan Sheth

(as listed on Brent Council website on 04/2/2015)

The case officer has said that she will accept comments up to and including Wednesday 18th February 2015.

With Martin’s extensive coverage of this planning application you will all be aware of the background to this proposal by now.

We urge all Wembley Matters readers, if you have any thoughts whatsoever on this scheme, to make formal comment either via the council website or via written correspondence with the case officer, Victoria McDonagh, planning application no. 14/4208  LINK

is the time for your voices to be heard.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Denise Cheong

Your Wembley Central Resident Neighbour

Member, Princes Court & Keswick Garden Residents Association

Chair & Blog Editor, Friends of King Eddie's Park:

Blog Editor, Wembley Champions:

Steering Group Volunteer Member & Communications Editor, Big Local Wembley Central:

Team Member, Wembley Crime Prevention:


Anonymous said...

This is blatantly getting planning permission. The consultation exercise is just face-saving by the committee.

Anonymous said...

Pre-determination of a planning application is unlawful.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that Brent council is rushing this through ,only because they owe the welsh school ,the rest of its lease ,when they put them out of Stonebridge. It's a god damn shame when a park is no longer a park for the community to enjoy,only to be chopped up and given away (sold off ) to the private sector... Shame on you Brent..

Friends of King Eddie's said...

The proposed scheme does not comply with paragraph 74 of the National Planning Policy Framework, which states that: "Existing open space, sports and recreational buildings and land, including playing fields, should not be built on unless: the development is for alternative sports and recreational provision, the needs for which clearly outweigh the loss."

Friends of King Eddie's said...

The proposal also contradicts CP 18 of Brent Council's Adopted Core Strategy 2010, which pertains to the Protection and Enhancement of Open Space, Sports and Biodiversity and states that: "Open space (including waterways) of local value will be protected from inappropriate development and will be preserved for the benefit, enjoyment, health and well being of Brent's residents, visitors and wildlife."

Friends of King Eddie's said...

One of the key characteristics of the western half of King Edward VII Park is its tranquillity. The proposal is contrary to Paragraph 123 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2012, which states "Planning policies and decisions should aim to: avoid noise from giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life as a result of new development... identify and protect areas of tranquillity which have remained relatively undisturbed by noise and are prized for their recreational and amenity value for this reason."

Friends of King Eddie's said...

Policy 2.18 of the London Plan (July 2011), promotes the provision of an integrated green infrastructure network and supports the extension of the Green Grid to the whole of London.

Brent Valley and Barnet Plateau Area Framework, lists the Wembley Area Green Grid, as part of the All London Green Grid. Page 31 specifically notes plans for King Edward VII Park for: "Improving access (entry treatments, signage, lighting etc) to existing open spaces and improving quality: King Edward VII Park" It further lists plans for "Creating more semi-private green areas. Reconfigure the street network to allow improved accessibility to open spaces. High quality enhancements to public realm, including tree planting, street lighting and public art".

Anonymous said...

Stopp blocked this quite effectively last time but I doubt he'll be able to persuade the committee of the value of an outright refusal. Seems like this has just been a stay of execution really.

Anonymous said...

Butt and Sheth (there's a team! ) are on the Wemblry crime Prevention board, so presumably there's a short cut to them to be availed of.

Stopp will do, in the third person, whatever gets him local votes.

Anonymous said...

The Wembley Crime Prevention Board fosters a high-profile UKIP member and former candidate called Jeremy Zeid.

I wonder what kind of short-cuts he would propose.

Friends of King Eddie's said...

This is a planning application. Two residents spoke alongside Sam Stopp at the last planning committee. One of those residents was asked multiple questions by the committee and was able to answer all of them. The London Welsh School agent couldn't or wouldn't even answer how many of their pupils actually live in Brent. Only when pushed by the chair and prompted by a member, did he finally concede, yes less than 50% more than 25%.

Friends of King Eddie's said...

This is a planning application, as such it is decided on it's own merits, taking all material planning considerations into account as well as aforementioned planning policy.

Friends of King Eddie's said...

Wembley residents would hope that Brent Council and the Planning Committee are adequately qualified and experienced to follow planning policy in deciding what is a planning application, and what should be nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Do you think antagonising the planning committee is the best way to get the decision you want?

Martin Francis said...

This comment has been received by email from Wembley Crime Prevention. Publication does not indicate agreement with its content:

We are of the opinion that the said individual whom feels it is necessary to bring up matters irrelevant to this deserving cause on Mr Jeremy Zeid must be extremely disorientated if they have nothing better to do with their own time other than to continually make 'politically' motivated comments purely to fit their own 'personal' objectives for whatever they feel it could possibly achieve or serve.

From our personal prospective, we have learned over the years of Jeremy's genuine achievements and objectives within our community when it comes to tackling such concerns of racial discrimination, abuse or hatred.

These are totally contradictory of any 'so-called' politically motivated articles that the press choose to characteristically place him under for a mere story!

Wembley Crime Prevention has always stood by our community, and remain committed to the values which represent concerns relating to crime and safety.
In this instance, the proposals for the development of a London Welsh School within King Edward VII Park (community used open space) which potentially could provide cause for concern with crime.
The primary consideration in this must be given to the safety aspect of these young persons in safeguarding them.

Should such proposals even be contemplated, they are placing them at potential risk of harm purely in they (alone) are becoming regular users of this park in the earlier darkened seasonal hours.
That is precisely why we feel our support is warranted from the concerns addressed to us by locals.
It is hoped that we shall drive forward with continuing to achieve our principal objectives of making Brent a Safer Borough, without the need to learn of 'individuals' whom feel they have to express themselves in such a mannerism to get their own 'personal' hidden, or minded, agendas across to others.

'The Executive' Team of
Wembley Crime Prevention.


Official Website: 💻 ©2015

Friends of King Eddie's said...

No one is antagonising the planning committee other than you "anonymous". The planning committee are elected members who decide on planning applications independently. We have faith that the right decision will be made.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Rattled!

Anonymous said...

Wembley Crime Prevention are known to do good work in the community. Their website advises on how to protect children from being bullied, safeguard property, fire safety and keep vehicles safe. They hold free boxing classes at the youth centre on London Road, and lots of other stuff.

Anonymous said...

Even more concerns have been raised for the residents of Princes Court - If this planning permission was to go through, and the council could potentially decide to make an entrance to the school from the close. This potentially means that 3 - 4 houses could be purchased under the compulsory purchase scheme to make this happen. Is this seriously going to be a consideration for such a small school that could be located else where to potentially knock down properties.

Where will or could they stop!!!!! It seems the council have already made their decision especially as they gave the school a lease which still has time remaining on it. It's scandalous, the planning application but just the way the council is behaving as whole, so many services being cut.... What exactly is going on????

Alison Hopkins said...

Just looked at that, and also tried to follow them on Twitter - I'm on the local SNT panel and several other related pubic safety bodies so it's interesting to me to see what they do. However, for some reason, I'm blocked which is very odd indeed. I've never had any interaction with them, as far as I know. Maybe it's Mo. ;)

Alison Hopkins said...

The school has nothing to do with the council and isn't funded by it. Any suggestion that Brent would CPO four houses at a cost of millions is, frankly, scaremongering and a leap too far.

Whoever has this rather vivid imagination and is spreading disinformation like this is not clever and it won't help the case.

And where do you get the idea that the lease has already been "given"?

Anonymous said...

The council just seem to be adamant to build in the park. Surely with all the development in the borough there must be a space for the school else where.Why were they no accounted for ?

Anonymous said...

The planning portal to submit comments seems to be down have attempted to access it at least 5 times in the last 1 hour with out any success.

Anonymous said...

How strange

Anonymous said...

Manage to submit today but Victoria is out of the office until 18th Feb 2015

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's very strange - if you can't submit online via the portal you can email your comments to (make sure you ask for confirmation of receipt and make sure you do get an email back)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Comments can be accepted up til 4th March