Friday 6 February 2015

How Section 106 monies have been spent in Stonebridge and Wembley

Residents have often asked what Section 106 (Planning gain from new developments) has been spent on. Glynis Lee asked  Brent Council this Freedom of Information question:
I would like to know how much money has been paid through section106 (planning gain) for the development of Stonebridge estate, (Hyde Housing) and Wembley (Quintain Estates) and I would like to know details of what this money has been spent on.
Brent Council's Answer: LINK

I can confirm that the information requested is held by Brent Council. I have detailed  below the information that is being released to you.
Funds received are either spent, commissioned (committed to a project for futue
spend) or uncommissioned (not yet committed to a project). 
Total funds received under S106 agreements with Hyde Housing in the Stonebridge  Estate are £315,766.36 of which £135,000 has been commissioned to fund
expansion of Stonebridge Primary School. The remainder is uncommissioned.  
Total funds received under S106 agreements with Quintain Estates in Wembley are  £749,715.63 of which spent and £353.266.68 commissioned to the following
£116,199.19 spent on provision of public lavatory on Wembley Hill Road
£116,199.18 spent on improvements to Wembley Central Station
£130,634.48 spent and £213,408.22 commissioned to local employment & training  programmes
£14,627.99 spent and £372.01 commissioned to tree planting in vicinity of York
£10,000 commissioned to fund energy efficient street lights in the borough
£50,000 commissioned to fund expansion of Preston Park Primary School
£37,232.26 commissioned to fund improvements to King Edwards Park
£17,254.19 commissioned to fund public realm improvements at junction of
Wembley High Road/Wembley Hill Road
£25,000 commissioned to fund highway improvements to junctions along Wembley High Road/Wembley Hill Road 
Stonebridge Adventure Playground campaigners will be especially interested in the c£180,000 uncommissioned funds from Hyde Housing Section 106 monies. 


Anonymous said...

"£135,000 has been commissioned to fund
expansion of Stonebridge Primary School."

... so S106 money is being used to evict the Adventure Playground!!!

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate actual evidence to support £37,232.26 spent on King Eddies Park, in other words what costs relate to.

Anonymous said...

£37,232.26 commissioned to fund improvements to King Edwards Park...
So does that mean s106 money is planned to be used to build on King Edward VII Park if the London Welsh School is granted planning permission?!

Martin Francis said...

Edited comment: Public lavatory seems very execessive. The lavatory directly outside the now closed Coming Soon Club. Surely directing people to the lavatories across Road in Designer Outlet Centre would have saved nearly £117,000. Forgot Football hooligans not allowed to be seen in Outlet Centre

Anonymous said...

Quotes for cutting-edge state-of-the-art signage with pointing figure and saying 'Lavatories' came in at around £125,000 I heard. 'Toilets' worked out slightly cheaper (fewer letters plus more downmarket).

Anonymous said...

So much for cut backs !

Lavatories that nobody uses

I live Just opposite and suggest only a handful of people at best might use It on a daily basis. Put it this way, there are not people lined up desparately in need as you might expect for such an extravagant outlay.

The mind boogles when community facilities such as school Places, GP surgery / medical and social Care provision,, libraries etc have been cut and yet Brent Council can agree to spend this amount On a toilet Block ?

Anonymous said...

This is no ordinary lavatory, it's one specially designed to cope with the rivers of effluent that flow from the nearby Civic Centre, Chairman Mo's mouth in particular

Anonymous said...

What do the 'No Football Hooligans' signs look like? Is there a strict legal definition or a how-to-spot-one guide for the bouncers?