Thursday 19 February 2015

Moses makes passionate plea for Stonebridge Adventure Playground to be saved from closure

Speaking at the Brent Fights Back meeting on Tuesday, Moses, Chair of the Brent Play Association, made a passionate speech on why the playground should not be closed. The closure is due to be discussed at the Cabinet Meeting on Moday where the Brent Play Association will present a petition signed by hundred of Brent residents.

Meanwhile the spirit is strong as this sequence from Stonebridge Adventure Playground Facebook shows:



Anonymous said...

Cabinet meetings and Council meetings all scripted and staged to fool people of Brent in the name of democracy. I feel sorry for members of general public who attend these meeting with a hope that their elected reps will represent them, in fact the majority of the elected reps are career politicians, they only represent their own interests. They only act when it is in their own interest, No action on Cara Dawani, but were very quick to ban an elected Cllr. as he was a consider a threat by Lutfur Rehman of Brent.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight!

Stonebridgematters said...

Very good speech Moses, lets hope it don't fall on the deaf ears we've been trying to de-wax for years (Brent council). It's terrible that us brent residents have to fight for what every other borough in London has as standard 'necessities'. Why we've got to beg for every amenity in this borough is baffling, frustrating to the max and quite frankly depressing. Having to rely on representatives and publicity to highlight, plead and explain the value of these amenities to try to retain these essential services. The hierarchy at Brent council have been children, have children in their family and know the benefits of these types of centres for children, Especially children from these deprived areas. Some of the kids are from families struggling to juggle work with childcare, others from families struggling with benefit cuts, some from single families or troubled families where these workers at the venture may be the only positive male role models they see on a daily basis that they can relate to (I know there are male teachers in the schools that the kids see daily, but my experience as a child growing up in inner London was that the teachers were from a posh walk of life, I didn't relate to them). The adventure playground I went to as a youth in W10 is still going strong 40 years on, that was my second home. I came from a family that needed these services and cannot thank the staff there enough for the care/mentoring they provided. These centres really do make a difference to the life of children and their families in these areas, SO PLEASE DON'T CLOSE STONEBRIDGE ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND!
And thank you Moses for fighting the cause.

Anonymous said...

What an authentic voice, especially when compared with the bullshit language you get when Brent Council PR talks about its 'commitment' to the causes which they then betray because they've spent too much money on racist senior staff's salaries and then the appeals which follow when their appointments go tits up.