Monday 16 February 2015

Brent North to consider how Labour should decide Coalition arrangements

With most commentators expecting a hung parliament after the General Election it is not surprising that all the parties are considering who they would ally with, as a formal Coalition or on a Supply and Confidence basis.

The issue is likely to be discussed by members at the Green Party Spring Conference March 6th-9th in Liverpool. For those who remember the Harold Wilson governments just one or two votes can make a difference. Tory leader Edward Health failed to negotiate a Coalition with the Liberals in 1974 and Wilson led a minority Labour government. After Labour's numbers were hit by by-election defeats a Lib-Lab Pact was agreed in March 1977.

Brent North General Meeting on Thursday will be discussing a draft motion for consideration by Constituency Labour Parties and it is interesting, in the context of the story below about the Brent Council Tax decision, that it focuses on how, and by whom such decisions are made:
This GC recognises that, whilst we all seek and expect a majority Labour government in May, a possible outcome of the election is that it may be necessary to consider a coalition or other forms of cooperation with other parties. This GC notes that the last time Labour was involved in a coalition at Westminster between 1941 and 1945, the proposal to do so was made by the party leader for the approval of both the NEC and the party conference. This GC therefore urges the NEC to agree without delay the procedure which will be used for seeking the party`s approval which, we believe , should include both the involvement of relevant elected bodies including the NEC itself in approving any arrangement, national policy forum policy commissions in approving any policy agreements with other parties, and a half-day recall party conference to approve any recommendations of the national executive. 
Brent North last month passed a resolution questioning Ed Balls' 'austerity lite' approach to public spending LINK

At that meeting concerns were also raised over Safeguarding, recruitment of social workers, health and safety in schools, reduction in care for the elderly (especially those with mental health problems), stopping the free bulk collection and the decline in the service provided by Brent Housing Partnership with some residents waiting a long time for replacement windows.


Anonymous said...

Salivating over the thought of adding a massive one Green MP to a Labour-led coalition.

Martin Francis said...

Gosh, doesn't get much to get your bodily juices going!

Anonymous said...

Turn me into one of those pretentious smoothies you people drink.

Anonymous said...

Barry Gardiner better pull Brent Labour together and accept thé need for Council Tax Rise so that wealthier citizens in thé Borough pay more into thé Pot.

Shame on Councillor Butt and Pavey in refusing to consider à Council Tax Rise.

Kick both of them into touch.

Unknown said...

A couple of weeks ago Barry Gardiner joined the Tories and voted for £billions more in cuts proposed by George Osborne. These cuts are Labour policy and as such the Labour Council are choosing to implement them. They don't give a hoots for vulnerable people - as evidenced by selecting Vincent Lo as their candidate for the Kenton by-election. Vincent put himself forward for selection for PPC in Holborn & St Pancras upon his credentials of working for tax avoidance specialists on an "industrial scale" - Price Water Coopers as well as the other tax avoidance specialists Morgan Stanley. See here for details:

These are red tories and if we were to mention Cllr Butt's homophobic comments on twitter, the recent racial discrimination case and the disparity in pay by gender - they may as well be UKIP.

Scott Bartle.

Martin Francis said...

Draught Guiness!

Anonymous said...

I Just wonder is Councillor Butt and Pavey possibly Tories in disguise ?

It sûre Looks that way !

Anonymous said...

Biting satire.