Sunday 8 February 2015

RMT President to stand for the Greens in the General Election

The President of the RMT Union is to stand for the Green Party at this year’s general election.

Peter Pinkney, whose union represents more than 80,000 workers across Britain, will stand for the Green Party in Redcar, a constituency won by the Liberal Democrats at the last election. It is the first time that the Green Party has stood in the constituency and follows recent turmoil in the local Labour party which saw the resignation of ten councillors this year.

Pinkney said:
I spoke at the Green Party Conference in 2013, and I was impressed with the ideas that were being put forward. The ideas of the Greens resonated with a lot of my beliefs. Obviously the Greens commitment to bring railways back into public hands struck a chord, but also policies to invest in the NHS, build social housing, institute higher taxes for those who can afford it, and put forward progressive policies on immigration informed my decision to stand.
As a life long socialist, I could see that most of the policies were what the Labour Party once had, but those days are long gone with Labour.

Pinkney was elected as RMT President in December 2012 for a three year term. He spends much of his time in London working for the union but his home is in the Redcar constituency.

Though the Greens have not stood in Redcar before they expect to make an impact amid Lib Dem collapse and the splitting of the local Labour Party.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:
We’re delighted to announce Peter as our candidate in Redcar. Voters there, like their counterparts across the UK, are sick and tired of the business as usual politics offered by the establishment parties. We’re giving them a chance to vote for someone who will defend our NHS, campaign for publically owned railways and push for decent affordable housing for everyone who needs it.
Meanwhile Kingsley Abrams, who was supported by Unite and the Brent Labour Representation Committee for the Brent Central Labour nomination, has announced that he has left the Labour Party and will fight Southwark for TUSC.


Unknown said...

Great news. If members of the Labour Party needed any further evidence that Labour is not Labour anymore, and merely red tories then this should be it. An interesting contrast is Green's selection of Peter Pinkey with Brent Labour selection of Vincent Lo for the Kenton By-election.

Lo, is a former employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - a company infamous for promoting tax avoidance on an industrial level

Similarly, Lo also worked for Morgan Stanley - another company famed for tax avoidance.

Cllr Butt et al repeatedly blame the coalition for 'cuts' yet on a local level they choose to implement it and at the constituency level the person they selected for PPC / MP, Barry Gardiner recently voted for more cuts. Now, they select a man Vincent Lo (who may be perfectly nice on an individual level), but has aided and abetted firms that have sought to not pay their fair share of tax.

The people who voted for Labour, thinking they were the Labour of old deserve better.

Scott Bartle

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how you get far more comments when you write posts that aren't about the Green Party?

Martin Francis said...

Yes, but as this is essentially a local blog covering a range of issues and campaigns that are often cross-party or non-party, then I am content with that. I never intended it to be a Green party propaganda machine although I do think the Green Party has useful things to say on these issues.

You can see from my Declaration of Interests that my activities are not limited to the Green Party.