Friday, 13 February 2015

Brent Fights Back Against the Cuts - Join us on Tuesday


  1. Brent's Labour Council may stop short of using the Nazi term 'useless eaters' to describe disadvantaged people, but it is 'managerialism gone mad'.
    But we need to recognise where all this kind of thinking leads, especially when few parents or children of severely disabled people have the resources of the late Ivan Cameron's parents..
    Care workers whose shitft time is cut from 30 minutes to 15 minutes -- with no cut in the unpaid time of getting from one shift to the next while the agency they work for still creams off substantial profits at taxpayer's expense -- may well be in the firing line of 'abuse' and 'neglect' charges when someone comes off even worse when officially in their care. But do the managers of Brent's budget and their voting public and the privatised agencies concerned have any training whatever in the core values of social services? See Good management crucial to implementing Munro ideas
    Dude Swheatie of Kwug

  2. That £100 million cut by the government is probably due to Brent council acting like a bad third world authority and spending that amount on its work environment by building the £100 million pound plush civic centre!! (while its residents struggle with the most basic amenities, crappy parks, only one adventure playground across the borough and even that Brent are in the final stages of forcing to close)
    Unfortunately it looks like the residents that are once again going to pay the price for Brent's mismanagement.
    Cuts for us here, there and everywhere.
    Shame on you Brent! Will us natives have nothing left here worth staying for :-(

  3. What do you mean by "us natives"?

    1. By 'us natives' I mean the people that live here in Brent, not the people that just work here (In the town hall) then disappear back to their well funded suburbia.

    2. Maybe you could have just said "residents", clearer and not open to misinterpretation

  4. Yes, I could have, thanks for pointing that out, I have a habit of typing my thoughts as they are in my head. I take it that everything else in my blog was satisfactory then :-)
    Do you have any thoughts on the situation with the fund management in Brent?
    I am really upset that the only adventure playground in Brent (that I'm aware of) will be closing. I know that our neighbouring borough Kensington and Chelsea have three adventure playgrounds in W10 alone which is right next door to Brent NW10 so I'll be having to bus it to use their facilities. Just a shame that the borough are taking away such a needed facility. The 'residents' in Stonebridge really do need this community adventure playground.