Monday 25 January 2016

NUT: Our Prevent concerns are raised to ensure the best possible system to protect children

The National Union of Teachers has issued the following statement from Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary, after the Daily Telegraph accused the union of 'colluding in undermining the Prevent Strategy' LINK
Keeping children safe is a central concern of teachers and the NUT. The union opposes any attempt by any organisation to exploit children and young people. We do however have some concerns about the operation and training for the Prevent strategy which could undermine its aims. In particular there is a worry that some children may feel unable to speak in class discussions.
Our concerns, alongside many other organisations, are raised in order to ensure  that the best possible system is in place to protect young people and society.  To stop rational debate about Prevent is in the interest of no one. It is only through discussion with the profession that we will get this right in our schools.

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