Friday 22 January 2016

Tell ASDA to look after their staff

The GMB union is fighting proposals by Asda to cut staff free hot drinks and remove vending machines.  Asda are said to have seen falling turnover in the face of competition from Lidl andAldi.

The GMB is the only union to have successfully gained recognition in the Walmart international  empire.   They have launched a petition against the changes. This is their statement:

On 13th January 2016 ASDA informed GMB of their proposal to change the canteen offer within stores. This could result in the closure of the breakfast offer, removal of chilled vending machines and removal of free tea, coffee and toast which is available within its smaller stores.
GMB are aware from speaking to members and colleagues that this is an emotive subject and understand how valuable these facilities are to you as hard working, dedicated colleagues within ASDA. 

We are therefore requesting that you sign the petition so that this can be presented both through the consultation process and Andy Clarke CEO to ensure ‘Your Voice’ is heard on this matter.

Please use the social media buttons to share this petition.

If you are not currently a member and wish to be protected join online at
The petition can be found HERE

These are two views that can be found on the GMB petition website:
Over the 9 years I have worked for Asda I have seen a decline in the company looking after the colleagues I agree times change and cost go up but you need to keep your workforce happy to keep your customers happy and removing colleague canteens is the wrong way to go this is an engine room for colleagues to reboot themselves and chat and get rid of stress eat and drink breakfast is the start of the day our store has a cafe downstairs bacon butties and more are a £1 that's great but can you imagine ten to twenty colleagues queuing up for their breakfast and wasting their break time of 15-20 mins so then making them late going back onto the shop floor and such could also lead to disciplinaries come on there must be costs you can cut elsewhere keep the troops happy mr Clark

I do not work for Asda, but do shop there but may have to start shopping elsewhere if this is the sort of company my shopping spends supports. This is so wrong on so many levels. A good company would look after their workforce and make sure they have hot drinks and food available. Its the staff that makes the company, So come on Asda treat your wonderful staff better.
It is advisable not to engage Asda staff in conversation about the issue as this could result in disciplinary action against them but if you sign the petition they will know they have public support. 

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Nan. said...

A staff cohort that is well-treated and appreciated is good practice and is a civilised way to behave.

If you absolutely have to cite profits as justification for treating people well, then happy workers generate higher rates of productivity and lower rates of absence, plus there are fewer disciplinaries and grievances where staff are content.

What time's breakfast then?