Wednesday 20 January 2016

Wembley French School leaves the workers out in the cold

I have been getting comments from locals, who like me live close to the French School now housed in the old Brent Town Hall.

They have seen the security guards standing at the gates in freezing temperatures with no shelter.

One man said to me this morning, 'It is disgraceful. It is a private school with big fees. Can't they provide them with a little cabin or something. It is because they know people need work so they walk over the working man.'

That's not very good public relations Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill. Especially when you are named after the man who advocated machine gunning the miners during the 1926 General Strike.


LondonMzFitz said...

The Lycee have a lovely young lady stand at the busy crossing in the morning keeping an eye on the children walking to the Lycee - no chance of shelter for her outside the Chicken shop!

I've noticed the gardens at the front of the Lycee look disgraceful, full of rubbish, badly tended, the newly planted young trees look half (or more) dead ...

Anonymous said...

It's no good appealing to their better nature, Martin. Nothing will be done until the security guards release a flock or two of sheep into the school's foyer followed up by spraying Madame la Tete's office windows with a few hundred gallons of good quality silage.
Mike Hine