Saturday 2 January 2016

Sadiq Khan exposes Mo Butt's short-sightedness

Muhammed Butt retweeted Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for Mayor on New Year's Eve,  not realising perhaps that in his Independent article Khan advocated exactly the sort of playground that Cllr Butt had bull-dozed in Stonebridge.

Khan's position chimes with Save Stonebridge campaign's argument that the playground brought the community together, aided social cohesion and reduced crime.


Anonymous said...

I watched this Christmas card. It's ultra-left propaganda. Take a look at Santa's costume. What colour is it? Just a coincidence? I think not.
And his beard. Who else has got a white beard, eh? Andy Burnham? Liz Kendall? Lord Mandelson? Thought not. Karl Marx and Islington's own Pol Pot, Jeremy bloody Corbyn, that's who!
And what about Claus's present-giving policy? Has it been fully costed? No! The handouts go to 'each according to his need' which smacks of socialism to me and is clearly unsustainable until the deficit is reduced to zero. And don't get me started on the overmanning on that sleigh. Why does he need all those bloody reindeer when the whole logistical operation could be outsourced to Amazon and TNT at a fraction of the cost.

No, you take no notice of Francis and his ilk, Mo. Bunch of Green Reds and Momentum fellow-travellers. You keep bulldozing those playgrounds. The kids'll thank you for it in the end. What doesn't kill them will make them stronger I always say.
Keep up the good work.
Regards to Cara.

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Has Cllr. Butt replied to your tweet of 31 December, Martin? It made a very good point, and if there is a reasoned response to it then he should let you, and the people of Brent, know what it is.

I suspect that you have not, and will not, receive a reply. I spent over a year from September 2014 writing to Cllr. Butt on a variety of points arising from the Rosemarie Clarke Employment Tribunal case, and NEVER received a reply (other than an automatic acknowledgement saying that I would receive one!).

Philip Grant.