Monday 25 January 2016

Plane Stupid Heathrow demonstrators found guilty and told to expect custodial sentences

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A group of 13 Plane Stupid campaigners who caused 25 flight cancellations after breaking in to Heathrow Airport 's north runway have been found guilty today of aggravated trespass and entering a security restricted area.

The seven men and six women cut a hole in a fence and chained themselves to railings on the north runway, beginning at around 3.30am on July 13 2015.

As the verdict was read out, one defendant shouted: "This is a farce!", as other gasped in disbelief.
District Judge Wright has told defendants they can expect jail sentences for their actions.

During their three-day trial at Willesden Magistrates' Court, defendants told of how they carried out the pre-planned action in order to 'save lives', using the defence of necessity.

The protesters claimed their actions were necessary and reasonable in order to reduce carbon emissions and halt climate change.

The court previously heard how Graham Edward James Thompson, 42, of Durlston Road, Hackney and a press officer for Greenpeace, explained that he was “compelled by his conscience” to take action that day.

Mr McGhee, prosecuting, said: “Why do you feel that your conscience entitles you to break the law?”
To which Mr Thompson replied: “In the context of this situation, breaking the law was not the most serious issue at hand.”

The 13 defendants all pleaded not guilty at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on August 19 2015.


Bob Steel said...

These brave activists are a credit to themselves, prepared to take action against the idiocy of more airport capacity with runaway climate change staring us in the face. Shame on the judge....

Anonymous said...

Obviously the "Security Restricted Area" was exactly the opposite "Not Secure".
Heathrow Airport Security are obviously not doing their jobs, instead of "Plane Stupid Peaceful Activists is could have been a lot worse. Had Terrorists entered the same area Heathrow Airport would have had much more than 25 cancellations. What a joke, if anything they should have been commended for exposing the lack of security as well as saving lives.