Thursday 28 January 2016

Plans for Cargiant's Old Oak Park site

Old Oak Park site today
The 'vision'
Old Oak Park, owned by Cargiant, at 46 acres is the largest privately owned section of the Old Oak Regeneration area that borders on Brent.

Below you will find a presentation on plans for the site.


Anonymous said...

An proposed enclave for foreign investors - this should be 100% council owned and affordable for the working class. Renationalise it all and bring back the jobs the elite outsourced to slave labour.

Anonymous said...

I agree but, unfortunately, it simply won't happen under this government.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this an election issue. Selling off our city to foreign capitalists, greedy developers and corrupt bankers!?! We are destroying out communities with HS2 just so that this theft can be justified. Where is Labour on this? I've heard of the Green party's alternative plan for the City Airport but surely this should be prioritised. The area is home to good working class jobs and they are about to be pushed out in exchange for rich foreigners.

Nan. said...

It's all about promoting global equality of opportunity.
If we let in poor migrants we have to balance this by letting in greedy rich people.
Simple really.

Of course it makes you wonder how some countries in the world get away with not permitting foreigners to own land or property in their countries. Imagine property prices being within reach of your own population - scandalous I'd say.