Monday 21 March 2016

Lycee litter annoys locals

Locals have stopped me to complain about litter and neglect in the former munical gardens outside the old Brent Town Hall,  now belonging to the Lycee de Londres Winston Churchill. The litter is dropped by passersby rather than the school but residents suggest the school is responsible for clearing it up as the land belongs to them.

Apart from the litter there is a pile of rubble and no spring planting has taken place in the flower beds. The gardens contains contain several memorial trees and the plaques remain.

The French School wanted to excavate a basement swimming pool on the gardens on the southern side of the building but their application was twice refused by Brent Planning Committee.

The main school grounds are beautifully landscaped and maintained.  The gardens on Forty Lane appear to be a neglected no man's land.


Anonymous said...

Anyone can ask the Court to issue a Litter Abatement Order against the land owner regardless of who put the rubbish there. Also the council can serve a Community Protection Notice on the land owner to remove litter too.

Anonymous said...

perhaps they don't care because they were denied planning approval for their swimming pool

Anonymous said...

I would want a swimming pool aswell