Monday 7 March 2016

Women only fitness and self defence classes in Wembley Park

From the Yellow Pavilion

 We've three women's fitness classes every Tuesday and Wednesday during the day. Just turn up, no need to book. The Yellow Pavilion is on Olympic Way between Wembley Park tube and Wembley Stadium. It's on the right just where the pedestrian ramp into the Stadium starts, opposite a crane and near the local Sainsburys.

Self defence for women

Tuesdays 3.45-4.45pm, £5.

Our self-defence classes will keep you fit and also teach you the techniques to defend yourself – this also includes theory during classes. Open to beginners. The room has a screen for privacy. Taught by Nadia Sibany. Just turn up or contact Jamila on 0786 866 2812.

Cuban boxing for Women, mums and young children

Tuesdays 4.50-5.50pm, from 2-7yrs for boys, or any age for girls and adults. £5 per session for each adult or child.

Great fun for kids and women to get fit and learn how to defend themselves at the same time. Taught by Nadia Sibany. Contact Jamila on 0786 866 2812 for details.

Kick boxing for women

Wednesdays 11am-12pm, £5.

Kick boxing is a great exercise to keep fit or lose weight and can also be used as a self-defence technique. Taught by Nadia Sibany or Souad Gharib. Just turn up or contact Jamila on 0786 866 2812.


Anonymous said...

Cuban boxing?

Marisa said...

Will you be doing any evening classes or weekend classes? I'd love to do some Self-defence or kick boxing classes but I work full time.

Anonymous said...

Are these classes still happening? Interested in self-defence only.