Monday 14 March 2016

Get involved in Yellow Pavilion one-off activities

The Yellow Pavilion is off Olympic Way
Here’s some ways to get involved in the Yellow Pavilion in the next few weeks. They are mostly one-off activities we’re looking for help with so your time commitment is limited. We offer a friendly welcome, a chance to meet local people and be part of your community and of course we’ll show you what to do.

Children needed to play football!

Do you have a 3-8 year old who’s into football? We’re looking to try out a possible new instructor.  and have a trial session to see if we like what they’re offering. It’s this Thursday 17th March from 5-5.45pm. Please let me know if you and your child or children (boy or girl of course) would like to take part. It’s and is free and indoors with a small ball.

Open Mic

Do you want to organise an Open Mic with musicians, maybe poets and other performers? We’ve some interest from performers and people to help and are looking for someone who can take a lead with help.

Help with arts and crafts workshops over the Easter holidays. For all of these we already have someone leading the activity and they’re looking for help:

Organise a local table tennis league

We’re looking for a volunteer or two to start a table tennis competition to find the best player in Wembley Park using our outdoor table. Skills needed are being well-organised, enjoy emailing and can use your email account for this and good with communicating. We can help with publicity of course.

Fixing electronics

We hope to run an event in May with volunteers helping people fix electronics such as monitors, smartphones or vacuum cleaners. If you have skills or an interest in this area let me know please.

To find out more about any of these please email or phone me.

Best wishes

Michael Stuart
Community Engagement Manager
Yellow Pavilion
0734 206 0976
Note: I usually work Monday - Thursday

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