Tuesday 15 March 2016

Gladstone School - enjoy what you're earning

Principal Designate Paul Phillips with 'pupil'

The Gladstone secondary free school has announced on its website,' Owing to unavoidable delays in acquiring a site it is no longer possible to prepare for opening in September 2016.'

This is now becoming a regular announcement woth 120 Year 6 pupils receiving this news every year since 2014.

Meanwhile the school, which has had a Principal Designate since January 2014, has not filed accounts for 2015. The last net assets recorded totalled £93,000.

Since the free school was launched there has been a substantial turnover of directors:

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The school, motto, 'Enjoy what you're learning',  has still not educated a single child despite having pictures of happy uniformed pupils on its website.

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Anonymous said...

Mis-print in your headline, Martin. It doesn't pun with 'learning' but it's not 'earning', it's 'pocketing'. And I believe that the website will now feature a picture of happy uninformed pupils.

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

It is a scandal that public money is wasted year after year on this non-school, when real-school budgets are frozen and likely to face cuts.