Wednesday 20 December 2017

Confusion over end date for Wembley High Road sewer works

 Street signs say that the sewer works in Wembley High Road will continue until January 31st 2018 but this is what Brent Council posted on its website yesterday with a completion date of January 5th LINK:
The sewer works on High Road, Wembley, are progressing well and the proposed end date for these works is now 5 January 2018.

To date Thames Water have:
  • Removed the traffic island
  • Excavated a shaft onto the sewer over seven meters deep
  • Tunnelled four meters downstream, towards Park Lane, to a point where there is no concrete in the sewer
  • Tunnelled upstream, towards Wembley triangle, eight and a half meters to the lateral connection from the former Brent House site and have tunnelled over fourteen meters to a point where all concrete has been removed.
  • Sink another shaft on the sewer
  • Replaced the sewer
Next steps:
  • Backfill the tunnels
  • Backfill the shaft
  • Permanent reinstatement of carriageway.

     Note: From the top of the 83 bus today (Thursday) it did look as if the backfill works have been completed. I have asked Thames Water for clarification.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I've missed this in previous posts but have they discovered who/what caused this problem yet?

Anonymous said...

No one seems to have admitted anything as yet to my knowledge but it is clear that the lateral feed sewer from the old Brent House is right in the middle of the blocked length of sewer. If you add two and two together .....