Saturday 2 December 2017

Brent Council's projected financial position worsens. Another 3.99% rise in Council Tax next year.

Brent Council expects its financial position to be worse than expected in 2019/21 as a result of the borough's  tax base slowing from an expected growth of 4.4% to 2.5%.  Although finance officers describe the financial situation for local government as 'inherently uncertain'  at +/-20% due to a lack of clear national direction, this would mean cuts/increase in charges increase of  £19m rather than the previously expected £13m in 2019/20 and 11m in 2020/21.
The incoming administration after the May2018 elections would need to start working on the 2019/20 budget in Autumn 2018.

The 2018-19 budget will be as consulted on as part of the 2017 process with cuts and service price increases of £12.9m already published. (Details HERE)

The Council proposes a further 3.99% increase in Council Tax bringing the total for Band D to  £1470.87

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Anonymous said...

Every year - a council rise.