Thursday 21 December 2017

Wembley FC 'David' takes on the FA 'Goliath' over club's name

After yesterday's coverage on ITN Wembley Football Club have received massive support on Twitter in their battle with the FA over the club's use of the word Wembley. The FA are citing 'Wembley' as their intellectual property despite not objecting when the name of Wembley FC went forward in 2012.

After the EU ruled in favour of the Football Association Wembley FC were ordred to pay the FA's costs threatening the future of the 70 years old club.

I wonder if they will act against Wembley Matters, Wembley Champions and Wembley Futures?

Here is some of the scathingTwitter reaction:


Unknown said...

As Wembley Arena is now the SSE Arena, and Arsenals ground is Emirates Stadium shouldn't our National Stadium be called the EE Stadium as it's them who sponsor it. How can the name of a place "Wembley" be called the FA's Intellectual property, someone please explain. There must be some workers at the FA who have too much time on their hands to be worrying about this nonesense least of all going to the EU well with Brexit coming we can tell them to jog on and sing for the money.

Wembley res said...

I so agree. Wembley Stadium was called Wembley Stadium because it was a stadium built in the area called Wembley not the other way round. Thus the use of the word "Wembley" as a trademark belongs to the people of Wembley and not to the Football Association.
Wembley Football Club has been in existence for a very long time (in excess of 65years to my recall) and may even pre-date the Football Association. It has definitely been in the area longer than the Football Associated has had its headquarters here - which has only been since the new stadium was built (prior to this everything apart from the actual playing of the matches was done at Lancaster Gate where the headquarters were located). Thus the Football Association's stance on this is absolute nonsense.
Tell them to go and tell the lycee at Wembley Park that they are going to make a claim against them as the building that they are in was originally Wembley Town Hall .... I know what answer they are likely to get!!!!
Someone in the Football Association has been spending too much time around Quintain.

Scott said...

This is so stupid, it could have easily been thought up by our Labour Council.