Saturday 23 December 2017

Can you help the Wembley FC petition get to 25,000 signatories before the end of the day?

--> The petition is support of Wembley FC has now attracted more than 21,000 signatures. Brian Gumm, chairman of Wembley FC  told BBC London LINK he is determined to appeal against the decision by the European Union's Intellectual Property Office:
The petition has given me a bit of faith, seeing that people out there do care about non-league football.

The FA have not spoken to me. I want the best for my club and I will fight them. If we want to make a stance for non-league football then I think we should.
The FA in a statement to the BBC said:
We have never objected to their use of this logo in the UK or elsewhere. This case is about Wembley FC registering their logo in several countries outside of the UK, such as Russia, China and the US, and then refusing to co-exist with us in those countries. 

We have not asked and will not ask Wembley FC to pay the costs to date.
Is this the beginning of a climb down? Let's increase the pressure by persuading more people to sign. 
You can sign the petition HERE
Wembley FC web page HERE
Wembley FC Facebook HERE

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Wembley red said...

As Alice has said (the FA's stance and action) "It all gets curiouser and curiouser"