Thursday 28 December 2017

Residents urged to comment on Cricklewood Aggregate Waste Superhub before January 5th deadline

From Railway Terraces Residents' Association:

Additional documents were put on the Barnet Council Planning Portal LINK just before Christmas regarding the proposals for the aggregate waste site at Cricklewood Railway Yard behind 400 Edgware Road.

Railway Terraces Residents' Association and Fordwych Residents were quickly off the mark asking members to submit additional comments before the January 5th deadline.

So far there have been 718 comments with 713 objections and two in support. The facility would be open from 7am-7pm on weekdays and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Comments can be made on the Planning Portal LINK or by emailing

The proposal:
Use of railway land for the transportation of aggregates and non-putrescible waste (construction) by rail including dismantling and removal of lighting tower; levelling of site and provision of landscape bund; 2no. open stockpile areas each containing 10 storage bins (with detachable panels) and 2no. partially enclosed stockpile areas each containing 9 storage bins (with detachable panels); acoustic and perimeter fencing; CCTV, security hut, 4no. welfare buildings, 4no. weighbridges and associated control cabins, 2 no. wheel wash facilities, dust suppression system, drainage, parking for HGVs and cars, traverser road, replacement rail track sidings, continued use of existing building for staff and welfare facilities; and other infrastructure and ancillary works including alterations to the existing access to Edgware Road and provision of new landscaping

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