Monday 11 December 2017

Preston Road 20mph zone - a few days left to respond

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Residents and businesses living around Preston Road have until Friday December 15th to respond to a consultation on introducing a 20mph zone on Preston Road.

Consultation letters have gone out with a reply envelope but responses can also be made online HERE

The proposal (click on bottom right corner to expand):

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Martin Francis said...

Comment received via email:

From our experience living on the Sudbury Court Estate in North Wembley, a 20 mph speed limit will make very little if any difference. It is practically unenforceable without cameras and from what our Residents were told, fixed cameras cannot be used for speeds under 30 mph. Speed cushions were installed with much opposition from residents who stated that they don't prevent speeding but do damage vehicle tyres and suspension, in addition to causing higher levels of pollution. Our alternative suggestion of automatic flashing 20 mph speed signs were also ruled out by the Authorities. Lower speed limits may be appropriate in this location but a much better level of enforcement will be required as part of any measures.