Friday 22 December 2017

Stand up and be counted in defence of Wembley FC - sign the petition against FA bullying

Following recent publicity about the Football Association taking action against our local football club Wembley FC to stop them using 'Wembley' in their name LINK a petition has been set up by a Wembley resident which has already attracted more than 11,000 signatories.

Please support Wembley FC by signing the petition:
Wembley FC are being told to drop Wembley from their title because it could cause confusion with Wembley Stadium.

Wembley FC have had their name for over 70 years and are in fact a Football Club in .... Wembley!
Wembley Stadium on the other hand was known as the Empire Stadium, this was changed to Wembley Stadium because .... yes it is also in Wembley!

The two have co-existed for years without any issues so why are the FA forcing this on a small local club now and ordering them to pay the cost which will cripple them and probably force them to not exist anymore.  Is this a ploy to get the land from them that they have?  It is ridiculous and just shows that big organisations and throwing their weight around yet again to crush the little guy !  

Well my fellow Wemblians let’s see how the force of a towns’ residents over the 70 years feels about it!

Stand up and be counted and support the name Wembley remaining on the local team! 

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