Saturday 16 December 2017

Cabinet approves Wembley Park-Harrow Weald Cycling Quietway

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The Brent Cabinet has approved the Wembley Park to Harrow Weald Quietway (purple on map) for cyclists to go forward for detailed design and consultation.
The plans also contains possible spurs to Wembley Central and along Churchill  Road to Kenton Road. The Council claims that the route will contain improvements for pedestrians as well as cyclists.

A spokesperson for Brent Cyclists said:
This could be a good thing for cycling, depending very much on the detailed design, which we expect to be given input into. 

Cycle routes on narrow, heavily parked, residential roads, as proposed here, can only attract new cyclists if they are really low-traffic, and this can only be achieved with 'mode filtering', whereby only cyclists, pedestrians and emergency vehicles can use the road from end to end (while still allowing motor vehicle access to all properties). 

In the case of the route suggested here, certainly Brook Avenue and Draycott Avenue, which are quite busy roads, and possibly others, would need mode filtering for a satisfactory Quietway route to be achieved.


Anonymous said...

the cyclist will have to watch out along Northwick Avenue where a bus trundles along at 30mph every three minutes or so!!! Quite way it is not.

Unknown said...

Cycling in Brent is a joke. Totally inadequate. Very few cycle lanes on very congested roads, which in parts of the borough motorists often drive into. Even when there is no cycling path the quiet roads are often in a terrible state with huge potholes and uneven surfaces. They should look to the Boroughs which have a much greater cycle use, i.e Kensington and Chelsea, Ealing and Hammersmith and Fulham. As a cyclist it's an absolute joy to cycle in and around these boroughs. They should note the 6P Principal. Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.