Thursday 28 December 2017

Today: Amy Johnson - from Kingsbury to Australia

The song commemorating Amy Johnson, recorded by Pat O'Malley with the Jack Hylton Orchestra in Berlin 1930:

There's a little lady 
Who has captured every heart
Amy Johnson, it's you

We have watched and waited 
Since the day you made your start
Amy Johnson, it's true

Since the news that you are safe has come along
Everyone in town is singing this love song

Amy, wonderful Amy
How can you blame me for loving you
Since you won the praise of every nation
You have filled my heart with admiration

Amy, wonderful Amy
I'm proud of the way you flew
Believe me, Amy, you cannot blame me, Amy
For falling in love with you

(Instrumental Break)

She's landed in Vienna
Here she is in Baghdad
Now she's over Karachi
She's reached Port Darwin ..... Bravo!
She's up again, she's off to Brisbane
Here she comes, there's something wrong
Gracious, what's wrong
She's crashed, no, she's safe

(Amy, wonderful Amy)
(How can you blame me for loving you)
Since you won the praise of every nation
You have filled my heart with admiration

(Sounds of crowds cheering)


paul Lorber said...

Thank You to Philip Grant for his excellent presentation and the 36 people who attended this very successful event at Barham Community Library. And Thank You of course to our volunteers who are making sure that Friends of Barham Library are providing such a varied service to local people in partnership with others. All the best for the New Year everyone. Paul Lorber

Martin Francis said...

Yes indeed. I managed to attend and it was a fascinating talk. We are lucky to have Philip in Brent to keep our heritage alive.