Tuesday 5 December 2017

Sewer works likely to continue into the new year

Brent Council, answering a query from a local resident, have confirmed the revised end date for the Wembley High Road sewer works as December 22nd but added that it was likely that the works would continue into the new year.

Thames Water are currently excavating another shaft over the sewer and the lateral connection to the former Brent House which should be completed by Thursday of this week. Thames Water will then need to continue to tunnel towards Wembley Triangle to a point where there is no more concrete in the sewer.

When all concrete has been been removed the backfill and reinstatement process is expected to take up to three weeks to complete.

The Council added that they are working with Thames Water to ensure these works are completed as soon as possible. They assured the resident that Thames Water is working seven days a week but as the majority of the works are underground it may look as if there is not much activity on the surface. Thames Water have been instructed to update their Variable Message Signage to reflect the new revised date.

Responding to a question about the reinstatement of the traffic island and trees formerly on the site Brent said that the island, removed for these works, will not be replaced as there have been long term plans to remove it. It has been decided to take the opportunity to remove the island at no cost to the council. The trees that had to be removed can be replaced at the expense of Thames Water who will in turn recharge whoever is repsonsible for the concrete in the sewer.

Parking restrictions on Park Lane imposed because of the works and the traffic diversion have now been extendeduntil the sewer works are completed.


Sandro said...

Easter time before work is completed would be my best bet! I do feel ever so sorry for all the local businesses affected, this must be like a living nightmare for them.

Unknown said...

Did think that it was very optimistic to say would complete on 22 Dec. My guess is around January 10th

Resident said...

I am very concerned that the island is not going to be replaced. This island acts as a pedestrian refuge when crossing the road in this area where there are very busy bus stops. I can foresee many accidents occurring both pedestrian and vehicular as this island also prevents high speed overtaking as vehicles approach the triangle from the western direction.

Anonymous said...

It is now the end of the week. Has the second shaft been completed yet? According to Brent Council it should have been completed yesterday.

Martin Francis said...

This being Poet's Day I doubt if we could get a reply from Brent Council today. Anyone local know?

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, I don't think that I want to be around the area for a few days after Christmas with all that turkey and trimmings, brussel sprouts etc being consumed. It was pongy enough one evening a couple of weeks ago. Will nose clips be provided?