Wednesday 20 December 2017

Are Spurs having trouble filling Wembley Stadium or just trying to win over the locals?

I happened to mention to someone  recently that there seemed to be an awful lot of free tickets for football matches at Wembley floating around the borough, but still empty seats at the Stadium when matches were shown on TV. Then I saw this email from Brent Council Housing Resident Involvement (never heard of them before):
Subject: FREE Tottenham Hotspur Tickets - Matches on Boxing Day, 7 January & 13 January
Dear resident,
Tottenham Hotspur have advised us that they are keen to ensure that local community groups around Wembley are taking up tickets at their home matches this season.
They have offered us tickets at each of the upcoming fixtures below.
If you are interested in attending, please respond back with the game you would like to attend and complete the details in the form attached with your information and that of those that will be attending with you.
For the game on 26th December, you will need to be able to able to pick up the tickets on Friday 22nd between 10am – 12pm or 2:00pm – 4pm
Upcoming Fixtures:
Boxing Day, 12.30pm – Southampton
Sunday January 7, time TBC – AFC Wimbledon (FA Cup Round 3)
Saturday January 13, 5.30pm – Everton
Considering how much fuss Spurs made regarding planning permission to hold more full capacity matches against opposition from many local residents LINK it seems odd that there are so many free tickets available. It could be a result of that opposition and residents' demands that Spurs give something back to the community, or is it that they miscalculated their ability to fill the stadium?


Sandro said...

The simple fact is that Spurs & Brent Council don't give a flying f*ck about the local community in regards to this matter! The reason why they are giving away tickets is because they can't fill Wembley Stadium to it's full capacity even though Spurs asked for the increase & of course Brent Council were stupid enough to grant it. I only hope that if Chelsea come here (although I pray to God they go somewhere else for 3 years) in the near future the Council demand that the stadium capacity is capped to 51,000 as they also will not be able to fill the Stadium to it's full capacity.

Neither Spurs or Chelsea has the fan base to fill the stadium to full capacity & I hope Brent will realise this should another club require the Stadium for league football although as already stated one can only hope that once Spurs vacate at the end of this season we'll never see league football played at Wembley again.

Unknown said...

Wonder if they will be so generous when Spurs play the big guns, i.e Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal??

Pete Firmin said...

I love the "local community groups around Wembley" guff. I got it as chair of a Tenants and Residents Association in South Kilburn. Last I checked we are not `around Wembley'.

Anonymous said...

I remember there being something along the lines of them paying for cleaning arrangements if they were given full capacity? I think it's just a bonus for us a residents if they aren't able to fill these matches and still have to fork out the bill.