Wednesday 27 December 2017

Anger as residents frustrated by Boxing Day parking restrictions as Spurs play Southampton

Twitter and Facebook were awash with complaints yesterday as the Spurs v Southampton event at the stadium meant parking restrictions were imposed.  Residents were angered that visits by relatives and friends on Boxing Day were affected with one person suggesting that Wembley had become a no-go area for those from outside the area:
I’m going to complain. Rules need to change. Don’t need whole day restriction for a 2 hour football match/concert. It’s a stupid system and unfair to residents and people who want to visit the borough. Especially on bank holidays !!!
The 12.30pm kick-off meant that traffic built up during the afternoon and the route between Wembley High Road and Forty Lane was at a stand still with tail-backs stretching into the surrounding area.

On a personal note a friend travelling to see me in Wembley Park from Alperton for Boxing Day lunch was due at 2.30-3pm and didn't make it until 4.15pm.

Anger was directed at Brent Council for approving the increase in the number of games held at the Stadium without requiring the necessary  infrastructure improvments.  This led to discussions about what had actually happened to Section 106/CiL money.

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