Sunday 3 December 2017

Council's update on Wembley High Road sewer works

Brent Council has posted the following update on the Wembley High Road sewer works on its website. It is rather hidden away so I am republishing here(I haven't corrected their spelling of metres!):

Concrete blocking the sewer
The view downstream
View from the surface into the shaft
The view upstream

The sewer works on High Road, Wembley, are progressing well and the proposed end date for these works is now 22nd December.

To date Thames Water have:
  • removed the traffic Island
  • excavated a shaft onto the sewer over seven meters deep.
  • tunnelled four meters downstream, towards Park Lane, to a point where there is no concrete in the sewer.
  • tunnelled upstream, towards Wembley triangle, eight and a half meters to the lateral connection from the former Brent House site and have tunnelled a further five and a half meters but there is still concrete in the sewer. 
Next steps:
  • Sink another shaft on the sewer, this will take up to a week to complete
  • Continue to tunnel upstream to a point where there is no concrete in the sewer
  • Replace the sewer
  • Backfill the tunnels
  • Backfill the shaft
  • Permanent reinstatement of carriageway.
The end date for these works cannot be confirmed until the all concrete is removed from the sewer, having spoken to Thames Water and their contractor, Cappagh, we estimate that reinstatement works will take up to three weeks to complete from the point that all concrete is removed. It is possible that High Road will remain closed in one direction until 22 December.


Interested observer said...

Well that's more than a couple of buckets full isn't it.
Was the transverse drain coming from the Brent House site similarly affected?
Haven't heard from Heron Homes recently have we?

Anonymous said...

Martin, could you also find out how much these works are costing? Will Henley Homes be publicly announced as the culprit? What is the level of damages going to be charged?

Interested Observer said...

Apologies. I think that I got the name of the Brent House developers wrong.
By the way, I think that re-opening date is somewhat optimistic. New shaft to be sunk down to the pipe ..(1week). Further concrete to be removed..(depends upon length of pipe affected but at least 1 week). Installation of new pipe and then filling in and reinstalling the road surface (probably ar least 2 weeks) thus unlikely to be before Christmas. More likely to be after New Year.

Martin Francis said...

This is what Thames Spokeman said re Henley, 'I cannot confirm or deny whether it’s Henley Homes as we are still investigating and have no evidence as yet, as we’re removing the blockage.' I doubt if they will give me a cost as the work is still in progress but I'll ask for an estimate.

Martin Francis said...

Yes it is Henley. Heron are the developers of the Wembley Hill Road site. I agree re timing. The photographs surprised me as I am sure they did others in terms of the extent of the works.

Anonymous said...

All that excavation and still no trace of Butt's reputation!

Mike Hine

francis said...

Parking restrictions on Park Lane have finished and it will cause mad jams with the end of the year whilst the High Rd works are on going

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the transverse drain from Brent House. I expect Thames Water are thinking that's Henley Homes problem!