Saturday 6 January 2018

Lobby of Brent Labour Group on The Village School academisation plans on Monday

The Brent Labour Group  of councillors meets on Monday and will be lobbied by opponents of the academisation of The Village School. Brent Constituency Labour Party recently passed a motion opposing the academisation and the Brent Labour Party Trade Union Liaison Officers wrote to Labour councillors calling on them to publicly oppose the privatisation of the special school in which Brent Council has heavily invested. The school building and grounds, currently the property of Brent Council, would be handed over to an academy trust and the school would no longer operate under the over-sight of the Council. Parents with complaints would no longer ne able to have them taken up by the Council.

The Group  meeting begins at 7pm and members will be lobbied from 6pm in the Civic Centre antrium. Althugh councillors have no direct control over whether a school governing body decides to academise it is hoped that a strong stance from them could help bring about negotiations that would avert strikes planned for January16th and 17th.

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Alison Hopkins said...

It ought to be noted that the chair is a Brent Labour councillor. I have views about Brent and academies which I can't share at present. But I will in due course.