Monday 22 January 2018

Cllr Duffy resigns from Brent Labour Group in protest over asbestos issue

Cllr Duffy's new seating position between Tory front bench and Cllr Carr

Cllr Duffy (Kilburn) resigned from Brent Labour Group  at the beginning of tonight's Full Council Meeting over the lack of support from the Group over the Paddington Cemetery asbestos issue (covered below).

Despite support for Duffy from Cllr John Warren (Conservative Group leader) the Mayor refused to allow discussion of the issue.

Cllr Tom Miller, a member of the Labour Group, tweeted:  'Frustrating at to have people trying to wedge in serious issue of asbestos without sorting out an agenda item or using the correct process generally. Gah.'

Later in the evening the Chair of the Audit Committee appeared to believe that a lengthy private discussion of a report on the asbestos dump and the participation of two independent members of the committee, made an independent inquiry unnecessary as they were satisfied  with the officer's report.


Anonymous said...

Hadn't he already be sacked / de-selected?

Unknown said...

He is not standing for election in May☹️

Anonymous said...

very sad to hear that one of my favourite Brent Councillors, one of the few with real integrity and who genuinely represents his party and residents has resigned.

Martin Francis said...

John Duffy remains a councillor until the May local elections. I suspect we haven't heard the last from him on this and other issues.

Anonymous said...

More to your elbow Cllr Duffy. There are so many people who support you in your stand against the incompetence of many of your "colleagues" and council officers and their belief that they are superior to the residents and the just complete arrogance that is shown.

Unknown said...

I have been , blacklisted , deselected , resigned and shunned by the some Labour party members.However the issue of the asbestos in Paddington cemetery and how they treated the workforce will not go away and will haunt the Labour party.