Thursday 11 January 2018

Barnet Unison launch great recycling video and song

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Trevor said...

The onion song, Imagine, big yellow taxi
3 songs written by 4 socially and environmentally conscious individuals.
All of those songs reflect the world that we live in which is troubled on just about every level.
My question is if a song of a particular genre was written in the 21st century for the purpose of inspiring a change in how we treat the planet
doesn't that reveal a sad (yet typical) fact about human society
in that 'we' cause a problem and then 'someone' writes songs about how to solve it?
If 'big yellow taxi' though revered as perhaps the foremost environmentally conscious song from the 20th century
failed to inspire a change in how we treat the planet
then what are the chances that this new song will?
It's not possible to know and learn everything in a lifetime
but one thing I know without doubt is that human beings are the equivalent of the spanner in the works.
Sounds harsh but everyone knows that it is true...the state of the planet bears witness to it.
We need help but I doubt that it will come from the hands of the majority who are clearly ignorant (and in many cases wilful)reckless, unappreciative, misguided, irresponsible and it must be said stupid beyond measure.
Harsh criticism I agree but deserving without doubt.
I say we need more people like Joni Mitchell in all parts of society if we hope to inspire change and save our planet for ourselves and future generations.