Wednesday 10 January 2018

Bobby Moore to disappear under advertising again

The tunnel today with original tiling covered
A section of the original tiling
The panels are seen by Stadium, Arena & LDO visitors using Wembley Park Station
Brent Council is to enter a new 4 year contract with Wembley City Estate Management to sell advertising space on the walls of the pedestrian underpass to Olympic Way beneath the Bobby Moore Bridge.

Wembley City Estate were the previous agent and Brent claims they submitted the best value bid that will increase Council income.  Financial details of the contract have been withheld from public scrutiny.

The historic tiling which illustrates many sports, has not been viewable for several years. The tiling is still in place but concealed beneath a dressing on which the advertising is placed. Recently this has most often been used for the London Designer Outlet or the life style luxury flats recently built in the area.

Brent says that it will be able to specify the nature of the advertising and ensure that it is line with its advertising and sponsorship code.


Unknown said...

How boring, haven't seen the tiles for so long I had forgotten what they look like but I do remember they showed the NFL, Rugby, and a few other sports events.

Anonymous said...

Its sickening that Brent don't disclose the amount of revenue they receive here. Is anyone in the Council going to advocate transparency?

Anonymous said...

Brent Council and transparency do not have any connection other than via the word lacks.