Wednesday 17 January 2018

'Severe winter weather' hits Brent Civic Centre

Damaged by 'severe winter weather'?
Brent Civic Centre seems to have its own micro-climate, perhaps caused by all those tall buildings hustling around it, according to a response from Brent Council that blamed ‘severe winter weather’ for the further cracking up of the ‘vanity’ block paving road outside the Civic Centre which cost thousands of pounds.

The rest of us may have experienced a couple of frosty nights and a dusting of snow but clearly something much harsher must have hit the Brent Civic Centre - it makes you crack up!
The Council explanation was made to Paul Lorber who was pressing home the case for action over Engineers Way LINK which runs in front of the building. The Council said:

In May 2017 it was decided that there were patches that needed repairs, which were initially done in asphalt and then replaced more permanently with blocks. Those repairs have held up, but it has become apparent that there is ongoing deterioration generally in other parts of the two areas either side of the central granite-surfaced area.

Currently, as sometimes happens after severe winter weather, there has been further deterioration which will require interim repairs and these will be programme shortly.
Lorber responded:
I am sorry but I find the approach to this very odd. Pavements are being replaced with asphalt to save money - even when residents object.
This section of expensive road has been a problem right from the outset. I do not believe that it is just the weather - the materials used are clearly wrong for an area subject to so much traffic by heavy builders lorries. As the use by lorries will continue for some time the type of patching up repairs you mention are in my view just not going to work and waste more money.
From my recent observations it is more than just two areas/sections that are crumbling and in cases pose a trip hazard for pedestrians.
If not yet obtained I think an independent assessment should be obtained of the best solution and if already obtained I would appreciate a copy under FOI if necessary.

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