Wednesday 24 January 2018

Patients' Forum (London Ambulance Service) submits formal complaint to Brent CCG over withheld performance data

The Patients' Forum for the London Ambulance Service has submitted a formal complaint to Brent Clinical Commissioning Group over an alleged breach of its statutory duties.

The complaint claims that both the CCG and London Ambulance Service has stopped sending the Patients' Forum performance data since August 2017 and that their excuse that the data is 'unvalidated' and therefore not available is not reasonable and in breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The CCG is thus failing in its statutory duty  to ensure public involvement and consultation in commissioning processes and decisions. (NHS Act 2006 S.14Z2)

Further the Patients' Forum claims that it received no documents for the Clinical Quality Review Group (CQRG) meeting in December 2017 and no papers or notification for the CQRG January 2018 meeting.

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