Friday 5 January 2018

Let's get ALL Brent wards signed up to make London a National Park City

The campaign to make London a National Park City focussed on Brent today. Only 10/21 wards have supported the campaign so far. It is likely that some just haven't got round to supporting rather than that they oppose the aim of making London a greener city.

Kenton, Fryent, Barnhill, Preston, Wembley Central, Tokyngton, Dudden Hill, Mapesbury, Kensal Green and Queens Park ward councillors have pledged support (Dark Green on the map).  Some of the councillors in Northwick Park and Kilburn have supported. (Light Green on the map)

Queensbury, Welsh Harp, Dollis Hill, Stonebridge, Sudbury, Alperton, Harlesden, Willesden Green and Brondesbury Park (Light Brown on the map) have not yet pledged support.

If they have not supported the campaign so far please email your councillors to make the pledge. They can do so HERE.

This is what they will be supporting:
Let’s make London the world’s first National Park City. A city where people and nature are better connected. A city that is rich with wildlife and every child benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. A city where we all enjoy high-quality green spaces, the air is clean to breathe, it’s a pleasure to swim in its rivers and green homes are affordable. Together we can make London a greener, healthier and fairer place to live. Together we can make London a National Park City.


Pete Firmin said...

Excuse the cynicism, but why would wards where there is little green space - and Brent Council insists on building on what there is - sign up to this.

Martin Francis said...

The answer lies in your question. National Park City status would aid people living in wards like yours with few green spaces to defend them from land hungry developers aided by Brent Council. In addition it would help you campaign for air pollution reducing tree planting etc.

Anonymous said...

Make's you laugh out loud, especially as Brent Council have decided to let most of our parks grass go fallow, and won't cut huge chunks but once a year. Have cut the parks service to the bare minimum, even to having rubbish dumped and not cleared for weeks. Especially at King Edward V11, where Veolia have their roadsweepers hub (by rights if they were doing their job properly, should be the cleanest park in Brent. They have not replaced trees, or planted any new ones in our parks that have been chopped down or have been uprooted by the weather. Have encouraged developers to build on green open space wherever they could. Why they would sign up to this beggars belief.

Rishi S said...

Brent have turned Wembley (so far) into a mini new york its disgusting to live here. The air quality is god awful, Ive been complaining to all the councillors and council itself since 2011 about the amount of commuter cars that park in the borough to then walk to a station.
How on earth is that sustainable?