Friday 2 March 2018

How is Brent Council doing in providing good parks for residents?

Good Parks for London has published its 2017 report comparing parks provision across London boroughs. Brent comes out with a midway score at 13, compatred with 19.5 for Lanbeth, Lewisham and Southwark. Neighbouring Harrow is bottom of the table at 5.5  Lack of dtata exp;ains some low scores.

Provision is based on 10 criteria.  Brent's rating in brackets

1. Public satisfaction with parks (3/4 at least 75% satisfaction)
2. Awards for quality (0/4 Brent opted out of Green Flag awards when park maintenance was out-sourced to Veolia)
3. Collaboration with other boroughs (4/4 Brent supports Parks for London and the London Parks Benchmarking Group)
4. Events ('Making progress' 2/5)
5. Health, fitness and wellbeing (5/6 20% of gyms per ha)
6. Supporting nature ('Making progress' 1/4)
7. Community involvement (5/5 40+ parks friends groups etc)
8. Skills developments (inc apprenticeships) (0/5 no data)
9. Sustainability (2/4 switching from diesel to electrical equipment)
10. Strategy planning (4/4 straget and assess management plans both achieved).

The full report is below:

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