Tuesday 6 March 2018

'A turnkey solution on a hardware-as-a-service basis' (Uh?) announced by Quintain and Samsung for Wembley Park

Tipi 'social kitchen'

Any possibility of truly affordable family housing in the Quintain development seems to be disappearing fast as the 'build to rent' scheme clearly has a different market in mind. Products will be 'refreshed' every few years which is not good news for the environment.

Here's the latest press release from Quintain's public relations company:

Leading property developer Quintain and Samsung Electronics have today announced a multimillion pound deal to provide the most innovative digital appliances in the market to over 3,000 rental apartments at Wembley Park. This deal marks Samsung's first hardware subscription deal within the build to rent market. The deal has been constructed using Samsung Capital to fund the appliances as well as on-going maintenance and provides a turnkey solution on a hardware-as-a-service basis.

Quintain is delivering the UK's largest build to rent development at Wembley Park with over 5,000 homes managed by their residential management company, Tipi. The deal will see over 3,000 apartments kitted out with the latest "connected" appliances including smart fridge freezers, ovens, hobs, dishwashers and washer dryers.

Samsung is one of the world's leading companies in the digital appliance industry and the stand-out leaders in innovation. Samsung invests heavily in research and development to bring the most advanced products to market with the aim of improving the lives of its customers.

As part of the rollout, Samsung will install its state-of-the-art appliances not only in the apartments but also in the shared social spaces, which are part of Tipi's all-inclusive lifestyle offering. Samsung connected devices include Family Hub fridges, which have built-in cameras allowing residents to see exactly what is inside their fridge from their mobile phone, and track the freshness of food items.

Angus Dodd, Chief Executive of Quintain, commented:

"We are delighted to be working with Samsung who are widely known as the global industry leaders in innovation. This deal is an important step forward to creating a smart city at Wembley Park and ensuring it remains one the most connected places in London."

"Tipi is an industry leader in operating professionally managed rental homes and the deal with Samsung Electronics really makes Tipi stand head and shoulders above our competitors." 

Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, commented:

"Samsung is delighted to be a partner on this key regeneration project at Wembley Park. It identifies with our purpose of building communities, enriching experiences with technology and delighting our customers. Using Samsung Capital allows Quintain to refresh models every few years, ensuring their residents have the best, up-to-date experience at Tipi."


Anonymous said...

£££££££s in the bank for Quintain and Samsung cos it ain't gonna be cheap

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will be also be fitted with a robot that glides across the floor declaring "You will be exterminated" and " You are under my control"

Sandro said...

Been thinking about this for a good while now as a resident of over 45 years in Wembley & whilst I certainly have no love for the concrete jungle which is Quintain I personally am happy to see that it appears that what ever Quintain build it WON'T be affordable housing! I look at the level of person that has moved into Wembley in the last 10 years & I don't like what I see. The more unaffordable housing in Wembley the better in my view. I'd love Wembley to price itself out of the market & wish for a far better type of person / family to come into my area. Controversial views perhaps to some readers on here but I don't frankly care!!

Anon said...

Finally some sense! Can't understand why more people aren't hoping to better the area, rather than holding it down.

Anonymous said...

Sandro be careful what you wish for. 20 years from now these quickly thrown up flats will look sad and tired be crowded and overpopulated and be handed over to Brent Council to manage. The "so called far better people" who can presently afford to live there will have moved on fed up with the crowds and noise on match days every week feeling trapped in a high rise hell, fed up from commuting on packed overcrowded tube trains. Stressed from trying to raise their family in a rabbit hutch sized flat with nowhere to take their children to play in the concrete jungle, resembling the projects in America's mid-west. In fact I think it might happen even sooner.

Sandro said...

All valid points 'Anonymous' however two things I reply back with.

1) We'll cross that bridge (in 20 or so years) when it comes.

2) I certainly won't be around in 20 or so years, not in Wembley or anywhere else for that matter so if Wembley in that time will be as you say it will be then thank the good lord that I'll be with him instead.