Thursday 1 March 2018

The Village School governors vote to form multi academy trust with Woodfield School

Cllr Jumbo Chan speaking before the governing body's decision

The governing body of The Village School has released a statement confirming that they voted last night to form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with Woodfield School. The MAT will only go ahead if Woodfield governors vote for it on Monday evening.

The statement said:
The governing body concluded that the trust was in the best interests of the school and its pupils.

This is because of the opportunities it allows to embed and deepen collaboration within the security of a long term partnership.

This collaboration can help to increase educational opportunities, reduce costs, and improve our ability to influence other partners because we can speak with a single voice.

Staff terms and conditions would be protected as previously stated.


Anonymous said...

one word 'disgusting'

od said...

I feel utterly disappointed and ashamed that a Labour leadership in Brent tacitly and openly supported this move by The village school and only backtracked when the pressure was to much. Shame on you Butt and Company. Shame.shame You do not live the values of real Labour but are real pretenders flying false flags of convenience to deceive the hardworking masses. Brent Labour is failing and leting down Real Labour under Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there. See previous Butt and Pavey actions re Copland where they justified their treachery by promising to 'drive up standards' (see recent results for the Elvin-has-left-the-building-Academy. As for 'values', the Leader wouldn't know one if it jumped up and bit him in the Butt. Dim careerist time-server I'm afraid.

Mike Hine