Monday 19 March 2018

Meeting convened on College Green Open Space March 22nd

There will be a meeting about the College Green Outdoor Space at 7pm Thur 22nd  March at St. Mark's Church, Bathurst Gdns NW10 5HX. Brian Grady, Brent Council's Operational Director of Children and Families, will be attending.

A meeting about the future of the Green had been requested at the last Full Council meeting where it was proposed that the Council convene a meeting of the College Green Preservation Society, the nursery, scouts and local residents to sort out the issue of the screening of the open space. LINK

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Malcolm Boyle said...

I attended the meeting organised by Cllr Warren last Thursday 22nd March. Brian Grady of Brent Council accepted full responsibility for the error in erecting a screen, and it was made clear in the meeting that this was removed by the Council as soon as complaints were raised by the Preservation Society.

There was also a complaint from the Scouts that tools had been left out by those building the fence. This was clearly also a Council responsibility, as the workers were employed and briefed by them.

So none of this was in any way the responsibility of the nursery. Yet it was the nursery which seemed to be coming under attack in the meeting. A nursery which brings value of every kind to the neighbourhood and which - as the Head Teacher pointed out in the meeting - is the only Brent educational institution to have been rated Outstanding four times consecutively by OFSTED.

I hope both the Preservation Society and Cllr Warren will now reflect and consider that they owe the nursery an apology for not supporting them in their efforts to protect the neighbourhood's children in their charge.