Thursday 22 March 2018

The confused Conservatives of Brent North

Well, look what popped through my door from Brent North Conservatives today! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery of course, but that's not really what caught my attention.

Tories sell themselves on the basis of their efficiency  so I was struck by the fact that the front page ad for what's inside the four page paper got both items wrong: 'Reducing litter and flytipping in our neighbourhood Pg2'  was actually on Page 3. 'Our streets peppered with potholes and broken pavements Pg 4' does not appear at all on any page.,

An item on Roe Green villages battling a commercial Powerleague pitch says it is on the 'Bacon Lane campus' but does not mention the school's name (it is Kingsbury High). However, the article is illustrated  rather unhelpfully with a picture of Roe Green infant and Junior School.

I live in Barnhill ward but there was no  mention of any issues in the ward.  I am not sure what the residents of Chalkhill Estate will make of it.


Alison Hopkins said...

Martin, the Labour one is called Brent Matters. ;) It's just as bad: so obviously a national template with a cut and paste job.

Anonymous said...

Martin According to Brent North Conservatives website they have only 1 candidate for Barnhill. Looks like she is also a paper candidate.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Newbury @AJNewbury94
3h3 hours ago

The conservatives in Brent used the 'Matters' headline back when Bob Blackman ran the council.

Since then every other party in Brent used it. They do so imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Anonymous said...

Is there one called "Lib Dems Don't Matter" ?

Anonymous said...

"Bob Blackman and Brent Conservatives" both are history in Brent. 3 May 2018 Brent Conservatives RIP.

Anonymous said...

Brent Conservatives exposed by Cllr Joel Davidson: "Originally it (the party fallout) was about money, it was about allowances and that was a problem. Now we have the allowances we should be one group".

Martin Francis said...


Anonymous said...

Bob managed to become Brent Council leader, after a number of Labour councillors defected to his Conservative Group.Nothing to feel proud of.

Anonymous said...

Regarding responsiblity for littering nationally, Rob Hattersley of Hereford & South Herefordshire Green Party argues that Conservative Government education policy has a lot to answer for: Addressing Theresa May, he writes:

"Firstly, you impose a boring, irrelevant-to-the-21st-century, stress-inducing curriculum on schools that crowds out everything that matters, anything that builds relationships or confidence, and anything that is fun: care for the planet, teamwork, people skills, responsibility. We can blame parents if we like but we have little power over what happens in the home. We – or rather you – do however have power over what happens in the classroom – a huge part of our young peoples’ lives. And your education secretaries have made schools into exam factories. Schools need the time and space to teach our young people to love their local and global environment, and each other. You are making this very difficult. Shame on you.

"Secondly, and related to this, exam results are held as the be all and end all of achievement. This is wrong. It priorities a personal ability to remember facts over multi-purpose skills, plus attitudes such as kindness, generosity, encouragement and just doing your best...."