Monday, 28 January 2019

UPDATED: School staff silent protest 'Our school is no place for hate' after vitriolic internet posting aimed at pupils

Staff outside Central Foundation Girls' School, Bow, London
The following was posted by Alex Kenny, a member of the NEU Executive, on Facebook today. It is a sad comment that such acts are occuring on our streets and aimed at children and young people. All the more reason for us all to be vigilant and act quickly against these acts. Congratulations to all the school staff involved.
On Friday, as about a thousand girls were leaving a local school, they were followed and filmed by someone who provided a vitriolic commentary full of racist, misogynist and Islamophobic comments - and then posted it on the internet.
Today staff at the school lined lined up along the road outside the school in a silent protest with a simple message “our schools are no place for hate” - a simple but very important show of unity and solidarity, all the more impressive for it being organised so quickly.
More actions are likely to follow to make sure racists such as this get the message that they are outnumbered and not welcome.

UPDATE: The Met Police have arrested a man in his 60s for questioning over this incident

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