Monday, 21 January 2019

St Raphael's residents appeal to Green AM Sian Berry to ensure they have a say on estate refurbishment/rebuild

Residents of St Rapahel's Estate in Brent have launched a petition appealing to Sian Berry, Green Party AM, to intervene with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to ensure that the power for residents to control the future of their estate is upheld.

The petition is available HERE and the text is below

We the residents of St Raphael Estate,  do not want Regeneration. We want  Refubishment with the clause that we are  in control of how this is done.  we need to protect our homes and open space. We need to preserve it for our children and the generations to come. If our estate undergoes regeneration we will lose our community, pay higher rents,  private housing association as landlords, tower blocks, short and unsecure tenancy, higher water rates, losing green space, breaking up of famillies with older children.

The  upheaval of relocation, while work is being carried out, there is no guarantee of coming back to the Estate or London. Although St Raphael’s estate has always had pejorative connotations to it and is portrayed as an unplesant place. This is wrong, there is a strong , united community  here who do not want to be separated from their famillies , stripped of the place they have called home for so long , moving away from neighbour, friends and family simply because it’s profitable to the investors they’re leading us into an ambigious future. We need to achieve 2000 signature, so we can forward our plight to the London assembly member Sian Berry to insure that the Mayor pledge to allow the Residents the power to control the future of their estate is upheld

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