Saturday 29 February 2020

1 Morland Gardens: there IS an alternative

A Brent councillor asked on Facebook for further information on Philip Grant's reference to possible alternative plans for 1 Morland Place. LINK

Philip had written: 
But there is an alternative, as the architects were asked to submit two possible schemes, one of which included retaining the Victorian villa, which is a locally listed building. That scheme would provide around 30 homes (with the same 32% of 3 and 4 bed units), and virtually the same extra facilities as the other scheme.
Philip has responded:
The information on the alternative was provided to Willesden Local History Society by Matthew Dibben, Brent's Head of Employment, Skills and Enterprise, following a meeting between them at 1 Morland Gardens on 12 February.  Explaining how the retention of the building was considered, he said that:
'the council asked the architects, Curl La Tourelle Head, to consider two options, one to retain the Victorian villa and another to remove it. Retaining the building meant losing a number of benefits to the scheme.  The proposed retention of the villa in the above plan wraps around 3 of the 4 sides of the villa in order to deliver more floorspace for homes and education use.    It would mean that the view of the villa would only be from Hillside. As highlighted when we met, the real challenge with this site is the central location of the villa so that it cannot be incorporated into the perimeter of the scheme.'  

Setting out what the option to retain the villa would mean, he said:

'the following can be delivered in this iteration.
-       Circa 30 homes (with the same proposed balance of 32% 3 and 4 bedroom accommodation)
-       1800 square metres of adult education space split across 3 floors
-       600 square metres of affordable workspace.'

The 32% of around thirty new homes would mean either nine or ten 3 and 4 bedroom flats and/or maisonettes. If councillors want to see more detailed documents and plans about the alternative option for retaining the Victorian villa at 1 Morland Gardens they should ask for these from Amar Dave, Strategic Director, Regeneration and Environment.


Philip Grant said...

What does it say about how Brent Council is run, when a Labour councillor has to ask "Wembley Matters" for information about one of the Council's own developments, that Officers do not appear to have disclosed to them?

Unknown said...

I really hope the Council Planners retain the Old Victitian villa as it still stands gloriously since the day it was first built. It will be a real shame to see it demolished as it will also REMOVE history from our boroughs. The Planners should demand other architects to submit their plans that includes the Villa as it stands. The villa itself can be converted into apartments. Please please do not demolish this beautiful Villa🙏🤨

Unknown said...

I posted a detailed request as not to demolish the Victorian villa but surprising the comment could not be posted due to an IT error....