Tuesday 18 February 2020

South Kilburn and Queens Walk planning applications approved by Brent Planning Committee

Despite articulate and reasoned objections and often hazy responses from planning officers, both the Queens Walk planning application and the huge South Kilburn scheme were passed at Brent Planning Committee tonight.

The South Kilburn decision was unanimous while only Cllr Maurice opposed the Queens Walk scheme on the grounds that the proposed building was too bulky.

Interestingly Alice Lester, Operational Director for Regeneration, (supposed to be non-political) weighed into a discussion of the decision of the Planning Committee, which is of course supposed to be free of political interference:


Anonymous said...

Has the penny not dropped, Alice, as to why there is 'relentless criticism' of the way you and Brent's planners do your job?

Pete Firmin said...

Love the "non-residents have objected". Don't know who they might be, since objections came from SK residents. I do know, however, that the likes of Alice Lester, Mo Butt and Shama Tatler who promote the scheme, are most definitely "non-residents" of South Kilburn.