Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Cllr Gill taunts "well resourced families'" concerned about QPCS 3G plans

Cllr Gill, (Brondesbury Park), is very dismissive of residents concerned about noise and light pollution from the proposed 3G pitch installation at Queens Park Community School. As well as school and community provision the facility will also be a commercial enterprise open at weekends and until 9pm at night.

On his comment LINK in support of the school's planning application he say on light pollution, 'The very well resourced families opposite can get black-out blinds' and on noise pollution, 'The very well resourced families living opposite can get double or even triple glazing.'

He adds, "
Over the next ten years THOUSANDS of people (mainly local CHILDREN) will benefit from this pitch and for only a very small number of people (less than half a dozen families, who are very well-resourced and thus well able to offset the very minor issues this will cause them) will it have any negative impact."

Directing divisive comments at specific local households hardly seems to conform to the standards expected of councillors.

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