Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Join Saturday's London Renters Union Day of Action - Brent branch of the LRU soon?

Saturday 27th June sees a Day of Action organised by The London Renter's Union aimed at highlighting  the plight of renters during the Covid19 crisis.

Is your rent too high? You’re not alone. Londoners face the highest rents in Europe. Many of us live with the threat of eviction or in unsafe housing.

Many have lost all or part of their income yet renters have received no help during the crisis.
For too long, our housing system has prioritised private profits of landlords over the needs of the rest of us, leading to unaffordable rents, increased insecurity, and the decimation of public housing. A housing system rigged in the interests of landlords and investors is now deepening the problems caused by the Corona virus pandemic.

By coming together and organising we can support each other, stand up to landlords and win lower rents, longer tenancies and better housing for everyone.The London Renters Union is already successfully organising with renters in Newham & Leytonstone, Hackney and Lewisham with branches planned in other boroughs including Brent, which has a high percentage of private renters. Estimates are for that to rise to 40% by 2025.

We need your help to become a city-wide union that can tackle the housing crisis.

By working together we can achieve our aims.

What can you as an individual do?

Join the London Renter's Union 

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Take part in Saturday's Day of Action by staying safe and

  • hanging a banner from your window 
  • taking a photo of yourself with a placard/poster and share it on your social media
  • email your MP using the tool from our website
  • Lewisham are doing a bike parade,  events are also taking place in Hackney and in Newham
  • Holding an open meeting for people who haven't yet set up a branch such as in Brent encouraging them to get together with people they know in the local area to do something (e.g. a banner drop/hold a banner in a prominent place) and post on social media

Aim + Focus of this month’s day of action 
  • The aim is to make people aware of the campaign and to sign up to The London Renter's Union. 
  • We want the focus to be on racism in housing and to highlight that the issues we’re seeing disproportionately impact the BAME community and how borders in housing interconnect with our other demands. The way people can fight back against racism in housing is by signing up to resist evictions .
  • Let The Government know you situation  - via your MP and social media

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