Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Outdoor Memorial Service for Nicole and Bibaa tomorrow in Fryent Country Park at 1pm

From Holy Innocents Church, Kingsbury

A short service for the public to remember and honour Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, and to bless Fryent Park. will be held on the view point at Gotfords Hill, Fryent Country Park tomorrow at 1pm.

A Christian service led by the Bishop of Willesden and the Vicar of Holy Innocents Kingsbury, with the Mayor of Brent, will be open to everyone.

If the mobile phone signal works it will be shown live on Holy Innocents' facebook page.


Let's spread out through the area to bless it with our presence. Please maintain 2m distance between households, and stay in groups of 6 or fewer.

If you can, bring or wear a flower to show others why you are there (but don't leave any plastic wrapping in the park.) 

Note Gotfords Hill is the highest point on that side of the park and can be approached from an entrance between houses at Valley Drive, Kingsbury, or from the east side of Fryent Way through the fields.

The house number may not be correct but entrance is on that bend and the hill straight ahead as you enter the park

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Natasha Woodward said...

Link to the facebook live feed https://www.facebook.com/Holy.Innocents.Church.Kingsbury