Saturday, 6 June 2020

Today's local Black Lives Matter events - Kilburn Grange, Roundwood and Gladstone parks

Local events were organised at short notice for local people who could not attend the event in Central London. I have picked up these pictures via social media. Thanks to original posters,

Kilburn Grange Park (@Shelleb17)

Roundwood Park (@PukkahPunjabi)

Roundwood Park (Anita Whittaker)

Gladstone Park (via email)

Dawn Butler's speech at Roundwood Park  on Facebook LINK

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MMC said...

Thanks for posting these images Martin. It's good to see the other side of the mainstream narrative.
I know Bristol is slightly out of your catchment area but why was there still a statue to a slaver and why hasn't the school that bares his name been renamed? Disgraceful. So many statues throughout the country and specifically London need to come down. It's no longer appropriate to venerate racism, violence, sexism and entitlement. MMC