Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Call for Brent Council to review policy on high-density high-rise developments in view of Brent's high Covid19 death rate

Paul Lorber of Brent Liberal Democrats has written to Brent Council CEO regarding the new development that is planned for the Bridgewater Road site near Alperton station. LINK

The application is due to be heard at  Planning Committee tonight and Alperton Cllr Anton Georgiou will be speaking against it.

The meeting is being livestreamed 6pm tonight VIEW HERE

Paul Lorber writes:
Has Brent Council undertaken a study why the Alperton area has one of the highest death rates during the current Covid 19 emergency?

Overcrowding, lack of open spaces, overdevelopment, congested roads, low incomes, poor diet etc etc may be some of the reasons.

Brent Council cannot be responsible or be able to control all of these.

Brent Council should however stop and study evidence and listen to advice to stop making the situation worse and to mitigate the impact of future outbreaks - which may be just a few weeks away.

The first step Brent Council should do is to revise its Planning Policies and stop any more massive tower blocks with no amenity open space until such time as the Council has answers to some of the questions.

There is a 26 storey block being built in Ealing Road opposite the bus garage. A massive block is coming on the opposite side by the Canal. There is talk of another massive development on the side of the Bus Garage - this on top of everything that has been built already.

Tonight the Planning Committee is considering a development including a 19 storey block at the back of the Alperton Garage around the corner in Bridgewater Road. This is another over development with no car parking with as much being squeezed in as possible to help the developer and  boost the Council's CIL and new homes bonus pot. I think the death toll in Alperton should now be a factor which should influence the Council thinking as to whether these types of highrise monsters are a good or safe option for the future.

At times like these there is a need for decisive leadership. I think you should now recommend to the Council that the policy of massive highrise and excessive densities of new build needs to be reviewed in view of the Covid 19 crises and the excessive number of deaths in parts of Brent. 

I trust that you will take action before it is too late.

I am copying the chair and vice chair of Planning as I think they should consider deferring the Alperton Planning application before them this evening.

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